This link will take you through to our WebCollect page that we use for all our subscription payments.

TRAFFORDRC Subscriptions

Frequently asked questions:

  1. When should I join?
    If you are new to rowing then please contact us before setting up a membership subscription.  Learn to row courses are organised and paid for separately.
  2. How much is membership?
    2017 membership fees are:Adult Members £21.00 per month.  Junior Members £40.00 per month.  Coxing/Coaching £3.00 per month.  Student £10.00 per month.  Racking £15.00 per month.  Country £6.25 per month.For 2017 all membership fees are paid by monthly direct debit.  There are no annual charges separate from the monthly fees this year.
  3. Do I need a separate WebCollect login for each person who is a member?
    Yes, Please create a separate login for WebCollect for each member of the club – emergency contact details and parental consent questions are linked to the member who signs up. So for each person, junior or senior, they need a separate login and live subscription in place to be a member and be allowed to row.
  4. What payment options are there?
    Only monthly and only direct debit. This is to simplify hugely the administration of membership fees.
  5. What day of the month does the membership payment come out?
    The first payment will be a few days after the registration – thereafter it will be close to the start of the month – we don’t have control over the exact date.
  6. Can I cancel part way through the year?
    The fees have been kept as low as possible and to do this we would like everyone to commit to a full year of membership – we do accept that for some people circumstances change so if absolutely necessary we can accept a cancellation during the club year but we ask for three months’ notice. This allows us time to recruit another member to keep the fee income consistent. If you do cancel and then wish to rejoin within a year you will be asked to pay for the full year as if you had not cancelled. We are not currently able to support members only wishing to pay for their preferred season.
  7. How do I cancel?
    Please note, as above, you need to give 3 months’ notice to cancel membership. On the main screen when you log in to WebCollect, click on the “Payment Methods” link in the “My Profile section”. Then click the “Cancel Direct Debit” link against the GoCardless Direct Debit payment method. This then removes the payment option from you as a member so the auto-renewal of the membership subscription will fail when it tries to create the next month’s subscription.
  8. Are any refunds given for occasions when it’s not possible to row?
    No, we still have all the costs to cover so please accept that there are likely to be a few occasions in the year when you will not be able to row – e.g. canal frozen or some boats out of action. We will try to minimise disruption but will not be able to eliminate it.
  9. What if I currently pay on the old system and have not changed to the new one for the start of July?
    If you have not changed to the new system at the start of July then please cancel the old payment, sign up for the new subscription and check how much your first payment is and when it happens as you may still owe some fees back to the start of July.  If you think you still owe the club money then please transfer electronically the amount you owe to the rowing club account (Trafford Rowing Club, sort code 20-01-96 and account number 20892386) using your surname as reference.Please contact Mark  on if you have further questions.